How online reference checking enhances the candidate experience

23 Nov 2023

Online reference checking doesn’t just make it easier for recruiters and talent acquisition teams. It can significantly enhance your candidate experience, too. Here’s how.

How online reference checking enhances the candidate experience

1. Fast turnaround  

The traditional reference-checking process can be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delays while the candidate waits for your offer. For you, it risks them accepting another role; for them, it’s a period of uncertainty. Do they entertain other offers or hold out for you? 

Referoo streamlines this process, making it faster and more efficient. With an average reference turnaround time of just 15 hours, you won’t miss out on candidates and can give them lightning-quick certainty.

2. Detailed reporting for real insight 

Phone references can be rushed, often taken between meetings or after days of phone tag. Referoo references are completed at a time and place that suits the referee, with space to reflect on their experiences with the candidate. For you, this means you gain real insights into each candidate. 

For your candidate, it means you’ll have a greater understanding of whether they’ll thrive in the role and have confidence in your decision. If it’s a yes, it’ll be a definite one, with a deep understanding of what they’ll bring to your business. And if it’s a no, it might be disappointing on the surface, but it’s a win for the candidate in the long run, allowing them to find the right match.  

3. Easy sharing for quick decision-making 

Referoo has integrations with most leading ATS/CRM platforms, so reference reports are uploaded straight to your system. It’s easy to share them with local, interstate and international decision-makers, from HR to hiring managers and executives. Everyone gets the same information.

For you, hiring processes with multiple stakeholders are simplified – no messy notes to type up or inferences to make from what was said and not said. Instead, everyone can review a shareable, comprehensive, high-quality report the minute it lands. 

For your candidate, it means there is no waiting for a committee to discuss one person’s phone call with a referee. Decisions can be made fast, and the candidate can hit the ground running – in your role or in the search for the right opportunity. 

Want to try it for yourself? Check out Referoo’s 14-day full free trial. We’re so sure you’ll love it that there’s no obligation or credit card required, just two whole weeks of fast, simple, high-quality references, all for free. Bliss! Get started now at