Referoo and Recruit Wizard

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Say goodbye to manual reference checks as Recruit Wizard partners with Referoo to make it even easier to find qualified candidates, fast.

Referoo makes reference checking easier and faster than ever before, allowing you to collect references via online questionnaire or SMS and even checking that the reference is legitimate all through Recruit Wizard.

For a limited time, we are offering a free 21-day trial for Recruit Wizard users.

Try Referoo for Free

We’ve seen how Referoo’s online reference checking solution helps our clients deliver a better, faster, and more accurate reference check and we want you to see it too!

You can trial a free, unlimited reference licence of Referoo to see for yourself how we can improve the entire reference checking process.

Just enter your details and we'll be in touch to arrange a demo, chat about your needs and customise your trial.


Benefits of Referoo Trial

  • Call, email, or SMS referees
  • Your company branding everywhere
  • Faster more detailed responses
  • IP tracking to avoid fraud
  • LinkedIn Verification of Referees
  • Customise your Questionnaires
  • Return completed reference back into Recruitwizard

What clients say about us

"Referoo is the first online referencing program that saves our consultants time without sacrificing the quality of the reference! We wouldn't go back!"

Matt Sampson. Managing Director Aspect Personnel

As a business owner, I was so impressed by the support and on boarding that we received from Referoo. I can’t stress enough the difference between them and the service we receive from other providers. I wholeheartedly recommend Referoo, and in fact already have!

Chris Morrison. Managing Partner Meritos