Candidate and referee identity verification for a digital world

The hiring process looks different in a digital world, and as more businesses move interviews to virtual platforms, the question of identity looms large.

Do you really know who you are talking to?

From candidates to referees, Referoo has you covered. We’ve led the way in reference fraud detection for years. Now, we are adding biometrics to the hiring process, giving you certainty of identity for candidates and referees.

How it works

With Referoo, you can seamlessly integrate biometric identity verification into your hiring process. In partnership with industry leader Livesign, you can verify the identity of candidates and referees using passport data from more than 140 countries.

It takes just two minutes and only requires a smartphone.

  1. Candidate or referee scans their passport data page using their smartphone camera
  2. The candidate or referee takes a photo with their smartphone
  3. The photo is instantly matched against the passport data, giving you certainty of identity

It all takes place within your Referoo system. The completed identity verification is recorded against the candidate or referee profile, while the passport page and photo remain inaccessible to maintain data privacy.

Biometric Identity

Simple identity management

Referoo does more than biometrics: We have solutions covering all fraud detection levels, plus simple-to-use identity management. Whatever your budget, we have the technology to give you true peace of mind throughout the hiring process.

We’re so sure we can deliver that we offer a complete no-risk 14-day free trial to experience Referoo for yourself.

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